You’re in charge of or working on a project at work. You have some requirements (vague) and a deadline (soon). Now what?

You’re in the right place. I can help you transform those mediocre requirements into meaningful, successful learning and communication products that save your company money or increase the money you bring in. And then you’re the rock star.

Thanks for stopping by! I’m Jill, and I’m the president and primary consultant at ForWord Consulting, LLC.

I fell into consulting right out of graduate school. I took an internship for an IT consulting company, and that company placed me with a Fortune 500 financial institution. At first, I complained about how long it took to receive expenses reimbursements and how I could rarely find guaranteed contracts, but then I took a full-time job as a trainer/instructional designer at a healthcare subsidiary. When that job completely changed overnight because of a merger, I went right back to consulting and established a challenging and rewarding career.

I enjoy the variety of projects, going from developing software-based eLearning courses to writing test scripts for testing SAP functionality to developing documentation for my friend’s LED aquarium lighting products. I take the “stuffy” vibe out of corporate communication while still adhering to confidentiality and compliance requirements.

I’d enjoy talking with you and working with you if you have a project idea. Even if you just need some simple coaching on how to improve your resume and post it to the right job boards, I can help you to highlight your strengths.

Maybe slightly more interesting to peruse than the resume, I also write articles for TechWhirl.

I especially like to:

  • Document software applications
  • Write proposals, reports, and resumes
  • Create eLearning templates and written standards material
  • Author eLearning courses
  • Write content for soft skill and software training programs
  • Write and design instructor and participant guides
  • Write and deliver presentations and instructional material
  • Create job aids, syllabuses, quizzes, and evaluation materials
  • Create test scripts for use in testing software functionality
  • Create release notes to accompany new versions of software applications
  • Manage schedules, documents, and communication pieces for projects
  • Write creative prose, poetry, and articles

I live just outside of Des Moines, IA with my husband, daughter, and two dogs. I like to read, write, be outdoors, cook, and watch meaningless reality TV. I quote movie lines as if they were my own thoughts. I have an obsession with pens and pickled green vegetables.

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