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iDW 2014 Reflections: the Power of Visuals, Shared Experience and Humor
Written by Jill Martine on May 12, 2015

Conferences are great, but let’s face it. The same type of presentation format can get repetitive and make attendees wish for a jolt of something more. I got that jolt during Tom Fishburne’s session at Information Development World 2014. Continue reading …

Job Search Tracker Template
Written by Jill Martine on April 27, 2015

A job search tracker helps you manage the process of creating and/or modifying your career information, applying for jobs and sending information to potential recruiters and hiring managers, and following up on open positions. Continue reading …

eLearning Standards and Style Guide Template
Written by Jill Martine on March 12, 2015

The eLearning Standards and Style Guide provides guidance on the essential components to include when developing courses to ensure consistency and help new team members ramp up quickly on the requirements. Continue reading …


LavaCon Perspectives: Focus on the People (Including You)
Written by Jill Martine on March 9, 2015

One of the most fascinating parts of the conference experience involves how themes emerge. One that many people shared on Twitter and in conversations at LavaCon 2014 centered on the need to focus on the people within organizations, not just the content, processes, or technologies. Continue reading …

LavaCon Session: Kevin Potts on Insanity, Translation, & Global Business

Written by Jill Martine on December 1, 2014

A sharp dose of wit, impactful slides, and numerous helpful examples made Kevin Potts’ presentation “Going Global with Going Insane” click along. Slide 4 set the stage: “Language is hard. Meaning is harder.”Continue reading …

Rapid eLearning Development: Choose the Right Tools for the Work

Written by Jill Martine on October 1, 2014

You’ve seen the nightmare unfold too often before. Upon entering a classroom or conference center, hoping to glean nuggets of wisdom from your professor or trainer, you are instead met with…Death by PowerPoint! You can help combat poorly designed and delivered training by moving appropriate materials online with the aid of rapid eLearning development tools. Continue reading …

eLearning Storyboard Template

Written by Jill Martine on August 19, 2014

A storyboard can be a collaborative tool used between subject matter experts (SMEs) and eLearning developers to develop and edit content, and to visualize the way screens will look before doing too much of the actual work (or possibly having already done lots of rework). Continue reading …

Essential Skills for eLearning Developers
Written by Jill Martine on July 30, 2014

On career day at the typical elementary school, you’re not likely to hear many kids saying they want to grow up to be eLearning gurus someday. But with the accelerating pace of change in education and technology, eLearning development continues to offer exciting career opportunities that require critical thinking, creative, technical, teaching, and communication skills. Continue reading …

Meeting Agenda & Minutes Template
Written by Jill Martine on July 22, 2014

The Meeting Agenda & Minutes template contains an organized agenda to send out to team members before meetings. The meeting minutes portion captures notes, action items, and outstanding questions to send to attendees after the meeting. Continue reading …

Book Review: Karen McGrane’s Content Strategy for Mobile

Written by Jill Martine on June 25, 2014

Jill Parman reviews Karen McGrane’s Mobile Content Strategy, and finds clear and practical advice for leveraging mobile ambiguity to improve all content. Continue reading …

What is eLearning?
Written by Jill Martine on May 19, 2014
The simplest definition from Google search results defines eLearning as “learning conducted via electronic media, typically on the internet.” It takes SMEs, stakeholders, and knowledge of audience needs and expectations to develop complete, meaningful learning experiences that actually impact organizational goals.Continue reading …

Big Data, eLearning & Tech Comm: Lessons from ICC 2014 and Beyond

Written by Jill Martine on March 25, 2014

To get out of the mindset of measuring the wrong things or nothing at all, it was fortuitous for me to spend time in the Measurement and Analysis track at ICC and learn how modern applications of data and measurement can improve user experiences and build better relationships. Continue reading …

Intelligent Content Conferences Features Speakers Who Break Down Barriers

Written by Jill Martine on January 30, 2014

The sixth annual Intelligent Content Conference will be held at the Hilton DoubleTree Hotel February 26-28 and features a dynamic lineup of 70 presenters who will focus on the skills and tools needed to break down barriers and deliver better content across the organization. Continue reading …

Intelligent Content Conference 2014
Written by Jill Martine on January 16, 2014

In the landscape of 21st century communication, content professionals face challenges to deliver meaningful content at the right time to the right audience members in their preferred formats. The Intelligent Content Conference (ICC) provides an opportunity to learn secrets from over 70 professionals as they share examples, standards, methods, strategies, and tools. Continue reading …

LavaCon 2013: Depth, Breadth, and a Welcoming Atmosphere for Content Professionals
Written by Jill Martine on January 6, 2014

Having now attended my first LavaCon conference, I can say I made a great choice. I picked up some new skills, met a lot of intelligent people, and plan to attend the next conference in October 2014. It was good to get out of the house and talk technical communication and content strategy with some of the brightest minds in the field. Continue reading …

Accessibility in Video Production
Written by Jill Martine on December 4, 2013

Until LavaCon 2013, I had heard practically nothing about the 21st Century Communications and Video Accessibility Act, the complaint system that went into effect on October 8, 2013, and the impacts on the technical communication field. Ken Circeo’s session on accessibility changed that for me. Continue reading … 

Broken Silos: Destruction for the Sake of Your Clients
Written by Jill Martine on November 25, 2013

Rhyne Armstrong used humor and Halloween in his LavaCon 2013 presentation (Broken Silos: Destruction for the sake of our clients), to describe how RouteMatch Software implemented a customer support site in WordPress that was backed by the CEO, embraced by customers, and turned the technical documentation team into rock stars. Continue reading …

Using a Gamification Design Framework to Gamify Products and Improve Reception
Written by Jill Martine on November 11, 2013

“Gamification” is all the rage in business, training, and social networking. Marta Rauch, who currently works as Senior Principal Information Developer, Lead, Mobile, Cloud, Gamification at Oracle, recommends starting with a design framework to ensure gamification projects provide meaning to players and business value to companies. Continue reading …

oXygen XML Editor — Bringing Consistency, Collaboration, and Structure to Content Production
Written by Jill Martine on October 15, 2013

Companies today face a wide range of challenges when aiming for great content that meets customers’ needs. Barriers between departments with content creation duties, lack of consistent workflows, and entrenched processes inhibit collaboration. For years, oXygen XML Editor has been the XML development and structured authoring platform of choice for teams that must produce complex, lengthy, and accurate content. Continue reading …

LavaCon 2013 Sneak Peek: Nick Finck on Content Strategy, User Research, and the Customer Experience
Written by Jill Martine on October 7, 2013

Well known user experience professional Nick Finck recently took some time to complete a written interview with TechWhirl as he gears up to speak at LavaCon 2013. Nick, who serves as Director of User Experience at projekt202, will deliver a keynote on “Developing a Content Strategy and Applying User Research to Improve the Customer Experience.” Continue reading …

TechWhirl Announces Free Online Forums for Content Management and Technical Communications Professionals
Written by Jill Martine on September 9, 2013

TechWhirl launches new online Forums for Communications Professionals and those interested in Content Management and Tech Comm. Continue reading …

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