Friday Freebie: Memo Template to Share Goals and Feedback


You can use your memo to inform or persuade

You create a memo to document problems, solutions, and conversation details. You can use a memo to inform people and/or to persuade people to take action or change their opinions on a subject.

You should send your memo to relevant audience members only. Be careful when you discuss sensitive information and do not describe anything that would cause a problem if someone else happened to see the document.

In your memo, you should focus on the main points rather than going on and on in a lengthy document.

In the free download memo template, you can see the push and pull that happens among departments in companies. Managers want better employees who hit the floor having been fully trained and not making mistakes. But so often, they don’t support providing more hands on, scenario-driven practice on because it interferes with their schedules and because it tends to cost more up front. Departments blame each other. And who really wins?

In this memo, I shared a small portion of the feedback from a department meeting and follow-up email communication with managers and trainers. If you download the memo, you can delete my text, modify the color schemes and fonts, and change the topic to suit your own business needs.

Happy memo writing!

– Jill

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