Friday Freebie: Resume Template for Job Seekers

Liar, liar, pants on fire

All job seekers need resumes, but I imagine most of you don’t enjoy creating them. I have a confession. I actually do like to create resumes. Weird, I know.

Whether you’re looking for your next great gig or you need to brush the dust off of your resume from 7 years ago, you need a great resume to stand out against other candidates.

A quick tip: Try to update your resume often so you don’t lose track of the important selling points that make you awesome. For example, let’s say I complete an eLearning course with content that is so easy to navigate and understand that it reduces calls, emails, and chats with customer service by 30%. In turn, this saves my client’s company $300,000. A potential employer is much more impressed if I quote these specific numbers rather than just saying, “I created a course that reduced calls to customer service and saved money.”

If I forget to update my resume for 3 years and suddenly need a job, I also forget these numbers. If I update the resume right after I complete the project, when I’m still excited at how awesome it was, I’ll remember the details. I suggest that you update your resume after any big project, when you learn and apply a new skill, or even at a set interval (e.g., quarterly).

OK, I’ll take off the teacher hat now (I used to teach business writing and I loved the resume unit). Here’s a Word template that you can download and modify to fit your own resume style: Resume_Template_Underline. The file contains 3 pages. Each page looks slightly different; I wanted to give you some variations. You’ll see education listed before work experience in one example, then flipped in the next. You have different color and font options displayed. And you can do anything else you want to make it your own.

By the way, this is an actual resume design that I used for my own resume for a few years. It seemed to work for me! If you don’t use Word, you can take some of the simple design ideas and apply them to the program of your choice.

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