Career Building: Are You a Natural Consultant?

Depending on your experience in the business world, your opinion of who consultants are and what we do could vary quite a bit from the next person. Although I don’t think all people are meant to be consultants, I do think some people take themselves out of the running based on negative assumptions, or they are afraid to change careers.

A consulting career can be very rewarding, but you need the right skills and mindset to thrive. You may be able to handle the taxing workload, changing requirements, and waning supervision, but that’s not enough to thrive as a consultant. Who wants to just survive? Not me!

Here’s a list of questions to think about if you are already a consultant or just considering that career path. Can you think of other things you should ask yourself or someone else?

  1. If you are currently functioning in a consulting role, how do you feel about it?
  2. What could you do improve the situation?
  3. What could management, client company, consulting company, co-workers do to improve the situation?
  4. Do you like the constant shift in project work from one type to the next?
  5. Can you handle travel? If not, are there enough local or remote options?

I also wrote an article that dives into some of the pros, cons, and my personal experiences as a consultant. Here’s a link to this content: Considering a Consulting Career? You’ll find some humor in this article along with a deeper dive into why people become consultants.

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