Free Download: Meeting Minutes Template

If you’re not into design, you may wonder why a nicely designed document matters when you’re only documenting meeting minutes. Think of it like a TV ad: You want to build credibility and intrigue. When you have a document that looks like a professional created it and it’s easy to use, you score points with the people who have to look at it and work with it.

Meeting minutes with blue theme

Meeting minutes with blue theme

When I worked as a trainer and instructional designer for a healthcare company a few years back, I had a great opportunity to be part of a training program revitalization. I was the newbie, so I came in without hostilities toward another department, trainer, or manager. Because I had no issues with anyone, yet I did have ideas for the training program, I was a viewed as a valuable team member.

The training and operations departments were both essential in the training and development process for new call center and customer service employees. The problem was that these two departments were always blaming each other for the trainees not coming to the “floor” fully prepared.

We decided to bring representatives from both teams, along with some higher up managers, to a series of meetings. We spoke openly and honestly and came away with great ideas. The best part is that there was immediate buy-in because everyone’s ideas were heard and valued.

And you guessed it. I used this meeting minutes template to wow them from the start. Sounds silly, I know. But it showed that I was committed to creating a great product because I even took the time to create a great format to house our meeting notes. When I used this at my company, everyone raved about the ease of use and design quality. I think one person said it was “so pretty.”

You can download this document, change the colors, modify the fonts, and update the headings however you would like. Enjoy!

Here’s the meeting minutes template.

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