Friday Freebie: Template for Evaluating a Training Program

Evaluation training the smart way

Evaluation training the smart way

Let’s say you are attending a day-long training session or observing a training program for several weeks. If you’re in the position to evaluate others’ work (or judge it–which is how they’ll feel), you need to be prepared with your own professional materials and game plan. You can modify the questions on this form to suit your training needs. You can also use it to evaluate programs other than training, by the way. I’ve just used it for instructor-led training environments when I’ve evaluated programs and offered suggestions for improvement.

Here’s the training observation form template and some tips for making it work for you.


Have your materials ready to go before the training session starts. Be organized so you’re not making last minute copies or frantically trying to find a pen.


While you observe the session, think about how your being there affects the learners and trainers. Don’t sit at the front of the room and look around at everyone like you’ve got a microscope pointing at them. Your goal is to evaluate the program as if it happened without you there. Be a fly on the wall, not the paparazzi.


Take notes on anything you think is relevant. You can edit your notes before you submit them, so it’s best to capture as much information as you can.


As you revise and prepare to submit your training observation form, think about who your potential audience members/readers are going to be. You don’t want to call someone out by name if peers are going to see the feedback on the same form. If it feels like a competition, you just breed jealously and hostility instead of teamwork. In fact, you should just revise your language to be constructive in a helpful way rather than judgmental or in the know-it-all tone. This can be hard to do and some people are just going to resent your opinion no matter what it is. But if you could use some tips for crafting valuable and direct messages, check out my post: Communication Matters, So Don’t Be A Jerk.


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